Being A Seller In A Buyer’s Market

The real estate market hit a snag a couple of years ago and has been attempting to repair itself every since. The market was booming during that time until things started going south. Now the market is definitely in favor of the buyers. Many homeowners are sitting, stuck having to pay mortgages for homes that are worth way less than what they were a few years ago. Because buyers have developed such leverage in the current market, it’s important that buyers know what to do to get the best deal.

One idea you should consider as a seller is to price your property appropriately from the start. Many sellers make the mistake of pricing their property too high initially, and will refuse to lower it thinking someone will come and snatch it up. Buyers have lots of options these days, so most will easily pass up a seller not willing to play ball. If you’re in Rockridge Realty, in order to price your home correctly consider glancing at previous sales. Look for homes that resemble your own and find out the pricing they’ve listed.

Presentation is also an important aspect that can easily affect the outcome of pricing on a home in Rockridge Realty. If you’ve been living in your home for few years you may not notice the little imperfections here and there, but the buyers definitely do. Try sprucing your place up a bit before putting it on the market. Clean the interior and exterior of your home from top to bottom. If you see shingles on the roof need repairing then have them replaced. Try improve as of the little things around your home as you can. You’d be surprised how these minor improvements can influence buyers.

As a seller in Rockridge Realty it’s important that you stay flexible. The price that you ask for shouldn’t be extremely solid – it’s more of a starting point. You should be willing prepared to negotiate with buyers. Consider throwing in a few incentives (i.e. closing costs, furnishing, etc..), and even consider knocking a few bucks off of the asking price, if the buyer can justify a little work that needs to be done.

These are just a few quick tips you may want to consider if you want a better chance at selling your place for the right amount.

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